5 Great Moments in Juggalo Parody History


Juggalos. What can we really say about a group of Americans who wear black and white clown makeup, listen to horror-core, and distrust magnets? An offbeat cultural group has not been so ridiculed by the internet since the “Great Hipster Meme of 2009.” But some exceptionally talented people have stepped up to the satirical challenge and risen above the simple “their music/culture is dumb” jokes. Since the Juggalo meme may already have peaked, let’s look back and commemorate the top five greatest moments in Juggalo parody history.

5. Look at the Fields’ Insane Clown Posse’s “Miracles” acoustic cover

Although comedians such as Dane Cook have forever ruined our whole-hearted love for humorous songs, the occasional acoustic cover of a song that in no way lends itself to such a re-imagination will always have a special place in our hearts.

4. The website “Look At This Fucking Juggalo”

Although the site should be docked points for being derivative (see LATFH), Look at This Fucking Juggalo has done a great job documenting classic Juggalo mishaps on a fairly regular basis. The site claims it posts on “Clown Make Up & Rape” and sadly yet hilariously this is not too far from the truth. We assume it is only a matter of time before the book deal comes.

3. Gabe Delahaye’s fan-fiction “Paula Abdul Attends the Gathering of the Juggalos”

Gabe Delahaye, the prolific blogger behind Videogum, often writes truly inspired works of fan fiction in response to events of interest to the internet, such as Chris Klein’s recent audition tapes leak and our collective Betty White obsession. In this particular piece, he sends Paula Abdul to an event she really should not be attending to, among other things, have a lawn chair dented on her skull, fall asleep night after night in piles of Juggalo garbage, and get pregnant. A quick read that you certainly will not regret.

2. Juggalo News

The most trusted name in ICP/rape-related news, this “network” directly parodies a Juggalo creation called Hatchet Happenings. The Juggalo program usually runs about 20 minutes and is required viewing for Juggalo America. If you have not watched at least one episode already, we highly recommend it.

1. SNL’s “Underground Festival” and “Miracles”

Saturday Night Live really brought their parody “J” game in two parodies that simply have yet to be topped. The second video has been watched by over half a million people on YouTube and truly solidified Juggalos as a household subject of ridicule. Ass Dan may be the perfect metaphor for the Juggalo meme.

Honorable mention: Violent J Is John Goodman

RIP Juggalo meme.