Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


With a Super Bowl-induced hangover clouding your judgment, there’s never been a better time to enjoy one of our favorite guilty pleasures — second only to re-watching that Bruce Springsteen crotch crash on YouTube — Cultural Missed Connections.

According to this week’s findings, strong feelings for a perfect stranger spotted at the movies can linger for two years, the work of Sylvia Plath is a good jumping off point for a tryst, and if you lose your camera, odds are that creepy guy at the beach who kept taking your picture might know where it ended up. Go figure. On a more random note, there are a lot of lonely people out there who enjoy the Thermals.

After the jump, the Missed Connections that warmed our cold, bitter hearts the most.

ANGELO at Film Forum and no 1 train 2 years ago still think of you – w4m (Upper West Side) Angelo –

Taking a chance and hoping you read this – even though it’a long shot. As it is 2 years ago today that we met(it’s me Nancy) on train after Film Forum I thought I might just see if you are out there – guess it’s the hopeless romantic in me. I wanted to talk more but got of train and we didn’t have each other’s information. Didn’t see you after at theatre or on Upper West Side but looked for you always and still do. Still think of you and wonder. Write back if you see this and would like to meet again.

Hope you are well – Nancy

Gatão reading The Bell Jar – w4m – 21 Bob,

We met on the F train, after realizing that we were both reading the same Plath novel.

Thanks for the good conversation.

I wish I gave you my number. But I hope this lame craiglist post will suffice.


Girl at the John Cage display at the Guggenheim – m4w – 30 (Upper East Side) Girl at the John Cage display at the Guggenheim. You had a beautiful smile; were you just being nice or?

Coney Island- Nikon Camera – w4m (along the boardwalk) I know you were taking pics right where I was. I think u even took some pics of me while I was shooting. Anyway, I set my NIKON N65 Film camera down to use my digital and I’m pretty sure I left it on a freakin bench. I was nervous and I hope you or someone found it. I also posted in lost and found but I thought the black haired, black clothed guy takin my pic found it. Please give it back..I use it to shoot black and white film for school. Thnx

Anoushka Shankar 1/31 we were sitting 4 seats apart. – w4m (Midtown West) At Carnegie Hall last night. we were sitting near each other in Dress Circle but although we made eye contact we didn’t say hi. I should have moved over a few seats but didn’t. If you would like to have a drink please let me know. There is something about you that very much caught my eye.

Kings of Leon – m4w (Midtown) Your friends took my beer in the concert you are blond and hot. I wanted to ask for your number but you left before I got the chance if you see this Ill be shocked but hit me up if your do.

Kiley at the Thermals show – m4w – 28 (the Bell House) You were punky with glasses. You offered me some margarita and then ran off. Where’d you go?

Thermals Show – m4m – 24 (Gowanus) Ok, here goes. We exchanged a bunch of looks during the Thermals show. You were wearing a red shirt and were rocking out to the band. Just tell me what was on that shirt. You were really cute, and you’re into the Thermals, so you’re already awesome.