Remembering Tobias Wong (1974-2010)


It’s only Tuesday and already it’s been a particularly sad week for the art world. Yesterday, we lost the brilliant, tremendously influential Louise Bourgeois. Now, we’ve learned that New York-based artist and designer Tobias Wong also passed away over the weekend. He was only 35. During his short career, Wong both worked within and critiqued the commercial world. He created clever and often ingenious objects and orchestrated unforgettable happenings. After the jump, we celebrate Wong the best way we know how: by collecting some of his most provocative work.

Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, Gold Pill [via The Colorful Life] These capsules were priced at $425 and designed to make you poop glitter. Best comment on capitalism ever?

Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, Coke Spoon 2 [via Mediabistro]

Wondering about Coke Spoon 1? It was a Bic pen cap. No, maybe this is the best comment on capitalism ever…

Chandelier [via Digital Accumulation]

Yes, it’s gorgeous. And it’s also made out of rubber.

Remote Lightswitch [via Doobybrain]

It looks like a switch encased it glass. But it’s really a device that comes with a receiver and allows you to remotely turn off any light. Much classier than a Clapper.

Smoking Mittens [via Selectism]

Enough with the fingerless gloves that can’t stand up to serous cold! Wong invented mittens that could actually hold your cigarette for you.

Ballistic Rose [via Mocoloco]

It’s a corsage made of ballistic nylon that “protects your heart in an uncertain world.”

Killer Engagement Ring [via Ringoblog]

Turning the traditional bauble on its head, so to speak.

I Want to Change the World [via Core77]

Telling Karim Rashid how he really feels.