Daily Dose Pick: David Lynch’s Interview Project


A year in the making, David Lynch’s Interview Project sent the director’s son Austin zigzagging around the country to film revealing Q&As with everyday people selected on the fly.

The project saw Austin and his co-director, Jason S, driving 20,000 miles throughout the US over the course of ten weeks, compiling an expansive look into the lives of so-called “normal” people along the way. David Lynch began posting and introducing the interviews online, beginning with a bearded man on the side of the road in a small Californian town and wrapping up last week with the 121st subject.

Revealing their regrets, hopes, and fears, the myriad interviewees offer an important cultural snapshot of America — one from which the politicians, academics, and pop stars trying to abstractly define the nation’s zeitgeist could learn quite a bit.

Watch all the interviews on the Interview Project website, become a fan on Facebook, check out the Twitter feed, read the Interview Project blog, and visit David Lynch’s own official site.

Click through below for more selected interviews from the project.

John, interviewed in Cushing, Oklahoma

Jeremie, interviewed in Hammond, Louisiana

Deacon Hadley, interviewed in Thomasville, Georgia

Traci, interviewed in Marfa, Texas

Jess, interviewed in Needles, California