Pic of the Day: Things That Look Like Tetris Pieces


The collection of photos in L-plate big cheese‘s “Tetris Tetris everywhere” Flickr gallery totally made our morning, while simultaneously stirring up some serious nostalgia for our old NES. More images, along with running commentary from L-plate, after the jump.

“You heard the building — but as if you need an excuse for a couple of rounds of the beautiful game?”

“I remember when this sort of formation used to happen when the game got to really high speeds… it usually spelled the imminent end to my game.”

“The lonely green crate really makes this photo whole.”

“I really can’t make sense of how the red squares got here and just why they are so vibrant. Any ideas?”

“I just can’t believe the size this Tetris-pane they’re slotting in! The workmen remind me of the little people dancing around in the game.”

“I wonder where those missing pieces are now…?”

[via Kottke]