10 “Bad Romance” Covers That Are So Bad They’re Good


A video of young woman giving a horrendous rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” that went viral this morning led us to believe there had to be more of these things out there. Sure enough, a quick search on YouTube brings an almost constantly updating stream of Tim and Eric-esque comedy gold. Guys, for your own sake, please stop covering this song. But for our sake, please keep covering this song.

1. The viral video that started it all this morning…

2. A man with no shirt — or timing.

3. Work that mic.

4. This acoustic version sounds fine, we’re just confused about why they’re in a tub.

5. Worst Wedding Karaoke EVER?

6. “Bad Bromance”

7. The exercise video version.

8. Poor little banana.

9. Sorry, Jared. This sounds like Meatloaf, but not in a good way. And where are the rah-ma-mas?

10. This one is simply so good it’s good.

Submit any of your favorites that we missed in the comments section.