10 Things That Hipster Babies Like


Babies were wearing rompers and eating organic way before such things were considered cool. But many of today’s parents are taking it a step further, dressing their offspring in American Apparel clothing and buying them faux-Mac products. While we’ll admit that we wouldn’t mind the adult version of a few of the products after the jump, we’ve got to ask: Whatever happened to putting your kids in embarrassing matching sailor suits, giving them a rubber ball to play with, and calling it a day?

1. Toy iPhone

Alphabet blocks are so last decade. The plugged-in baby only plays with the latest in wooden toy technology.

2. American Apparel Infant California Fleece Zip Hoody

In addition to selling multi-colored unitards for non-athletic purposes, American Apparel also has clothing for tots, making their popular hoodies available in sizes 3 to 24 months. We can’t wait to see the ads of babies posing provocatively in outfits that barely cover their chubby cheeks.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Baby Boy’s Bluefish Prewalker Fall

For the baby who wants to look like the fifth member of Vampire Weekend.

4. Vintage 1971 Fisher Price Music Box Record Player

The most important part of any baby’s music collection is their vinyl. While the little ones might not be right for actual 45’s, thanks to the internet, they can play with a vintage replica. Because everyone knows you get a better sound with a toy turntable.

5. Lil Rocker Temporary Tattoos

You’re never too young to sport some ink — especially when it says “I Love Mom.”

6. Modern Kerchief Bib

The most important part of any hipster’s outfit are the accessories, specifically the keffiyeh. This one just happens to catch drool.

7. Produced Locally Organic Onesie

Organic. Local. Ironic. This wearable social statement hits all of the hipster sweet spots.

8. Huggies Little Movers Jeans

Limited-edition jean diapers are the latest trend for the pre-potty trained.

9. Ray Ban Junior Sunglasses

Babies attending summer festivals with their indie rock parents are going to need protection from the sun’s glare as they listen indifferently to the newest underground bands.

10. Handsome Howard Mustaches Onesie

While your kids may be too young to grow their own ironic facial hair, this handlebar mustache-covered onesie will help them blend in when tandem biking with mommy around the neighborhood.