The World Cup of World Cup Posters


Even if you’re not a soccer fanatic, you should know that the 2010 FIFA World Cup is getting underway in just over a week. Since we’re not the most sports-inclined site on the web, we thought we’d make our prediction of which country will bring home the championship based on recently released promotional posters designed by ESPN and the New York ad agency Wieden + Kennedy — yes, the same one that made that epic “Write the Future″ commercial for Nike. There are 32 posters in total to represent each country competing in South Africa this summer, but for our own little experiment we scaled it down to ten.

Click past the jump for a competitive mixture of sports and art. May the fiercest poster win.

South Africa: Since they’re the host country, we’ll give them a couple points despite the lack of anything intimidating present in this poster. The horns are a little bit threatening. Fierce factor: 2/10

New Zealand: These guys definitely look loud and annoying and ready to brawl. But boisterous voices alone remind us of frat boys who act tough on campus then go home to their parents’ house every weekend to do laundry. Fierce factor: 5/10

France: Three refined men wielding swords looks a bit more battle-ready than showing up empty handed. The frilly hats, however, have got to go. Fierce factor: 6/10

Italy: This is more like it — the defending champs fighting off vicious elephants, lions, and eagles. Just look at Gianluigi Buffon: he’s only brandishing a shield, yet he still doesn’t back down. Fierce factor: 9/10

Brazil: Even if this yellow bird is prematurely delivering Kaka a 6th star –representing what Brazil hopes will be the country’s 6th championship — this poster looks like propaganda for pacifism. Fierce factor: 0/10

Nigeria: John Obi Mikel descends from the sky on the back of a Super Eagle — the team’s nickname — with his fist raised ready for victory. Pretty fierce. Fierce factor: 7/10

North Korea: This is an almost exact replica of the previous poster: a man (Hong Yong-Jo) raises his fist while riding a winged creature who dribbles a ball across the sky. In this case, less smiling from the player means more intensity. Fierce factor: 8/10

USA: Recreating an image from the American War of Independence, the US will need to look to the past for inspiration since they’re facing England in the first round. The men look determined and ready. Fierce factor: 7/10

Slovenia: If a single man in shorts can slay a bear while on top of a mountain covered in snow, imagine what a whole squad can do.Fierce factor: 10/10

Mexico: Praising your coach — Javier Aguirre — as a deity is outright blasphemy. This poster exudes divine power, but mocking the gods never got anyone anywhere. Fierce factor: 8/10

Who will win this summer’s 2010 FIFA World Cup? Based on our expert analysis, the winner will be Slovenia. Do you agree?