The Flavorpill Mixtape XXVIII: Kid Cudi, Francis and the Lights, Morning Benders


Of course, your weekly mixtape consists of June’s obligatory summer jams. But this time, we’re also including some low-key tracks you can listen to inside and enjoy the underappreciated wonders of air conditioning. These ten tracks, featuring the latest from the Morning Benders, Francis and the Lights, Tanlines, and more, will help get your mind off that shirt sticking to your back. After the jump, Right Click + Save As to download the songs individually or scroll to the bottom for the entire mixtape.

1. The Morning Benders – “Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)” In anticipation of their slump-defying sophomore album, Big Echo, the Benders released a toned down, Wallpaper-reworked version of this song. But we much prefer the original’s twee charm. Contrary to the title, there’s more than just icy banter on display here. Look out for utensil percussion, soothing ooh’s, bouncing handclaps, and Chris Taylor’s production.

2. Gold Motel – “Make Me Stay” We’re glad to see that Greta Morgan from the Hush Sound has been putting her nimble fingers to good use ever since they disbanded two years ago. The love song of the summer starts off with pianos on a trampoline and ramping guitars that soon join her toned-down Zooey Deschanel-esque voice.

3. Francis and the Lights – “For Days” It is about time to get familiar with the name Francis Farewell Starlite. He grooves like Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins and moves like a reincarnated MJ. And if that doesn’t quite cut it, he’s currently touring with Drake. Or is it the other way around?

4. Kid Cudi – “All Talk (ft. LCD Soundsystem, Christian Bale)” Bale’s memorable psycho freakout sets the tone for this new track from Cudder that also happens to sample the new LCD Soundsystem track, “Dance Yrself Clean.” Dolo’s consistent flow over James Murphy’s electronic handiwork: What more could we ask for?

5. Tanlines – “Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)” The jungle-thumping Tanlines intro may sound familiar to fans of this single, but Davey Hawke returns the remix favor and swoops in to replace the original synth line with some surprisingly mellow chords that yield to an even more climactic wake-up.

6. Matt Van Schie – “Journey” The bassist of the Aussie dance outfit Van She delivers this “Journey’s” string-heavy dreamscape, which is so captivating that it’s already been remixed by the aforementioned maestro, Memory Tapes.

7. Husky Rescue – “Sound of Love” On their third studio album, Ship of Light, these Finnish electro-poppers prove their expertise at crafting lovesick sounds that complement Reeta Vestman’s restrained whispers. “Sound of Love” kicks off with eerie xylophones, breaks down with a cathartic instrumental section, and finishes on groaning guitars.

8. Sun Airway – “Oh, Naoko” This pop gem comes from an EP that predates one of our favorite tracks from May. But a title that references Murakami’s Norwegian Wood and Jon Barthmus’s eloquent vocal licks catapult it into timeless surreality.

9. Lost Fiction – “We Were Still” An immediately irresistible bass line builds the introduction up to a chorus lamenting change and the passing of time. By the time you reach the end of this four-minute ditty, these four unsigned kids from London will have convinced you to keep “We Were Still” on repeat.

10. Kendal Johansson – “Blue Moon (Big Star Cover)” In a tribute to the late, great Alex Chilton of Big Star, Kendal Johansson takes on the original’s open-hearted minimalism, adding a hauntingly shouty voice and an elegiac piano line for his first release. Seriously, where the fuck did he just come from?

Download the whole mix here.