The Best “Fuck Yeah” Tumblrs on the Internet


Lately, creating enthusiastic “Fuck Yeah” tumblrs has become the internet trend de rigueur (we blame the Millenials and their blasted “New Nice”). These celebratory collections glorify a vast range of wonders, from brands (Coca-Cola, Apple, Ikea) to US states (Alaska, California, Viriginia) to literary stuff (the Beat generation, Sandman, e.e. cummings) — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Stop rolling your eyes, you cynic, and check out a few of our favorite discoveries after the jump.

1. fuck yeah, modernism!

2. fuck yeah elephants

3. fuckyeahwesanderson

4. Fuck Yeah UK

5. Fuck Yeah, Fishnets and Robots!

6. fuck yeah yeah yeah yeahs


8. fuck yeah janelle monáe

9. Fuck Yeah Freckles

10. Fuck Yeah Ballet

Make sure to check out Is It A Fuck Yeah?! to find out if your favorite things have been commemorated yet. If they haven’t been, tell us about it in the comments. We know we’re pretty mad that Don Draper and the Shangri-Las have yet to be “Fucked!”