Daily Dose Pick: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead


Featuring an original score by Sean Lennon, Jordan Galland’s inventive debut feature is equal parts slacker comedy and vampire showdown, with a healthy dose of Shakespeare.

The film stars Jake Hoffman as Julian, a twentysomething unemployed director whose life is a blur of one-night stands, until he’s offered a job directing a nocturnal twist on Hamlet — written by an actual vampire. Literary pun title cards like “Job Interview with a Vampire” and “As I Lay Undying” punctuate the fast-paced scenes with whimsy, while the appearance of familiar faces like Devon Aoki and Ralph Macchio further propel the enjoyable satire toward future cult-classic status.

Check out the film’s official website, read an interview with the director, learn about the Shakespiracy, become a fan on Facebook, and get a free poster for your wall.

Click through below for a camp-filled gallery of images from the film.