The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Miley Cyrus still kinda sorta can’t be tamed: She mimed kissing a girl on Britain’s Got Talent last night… you know, the way you might have done on a middle-school playground. The media is shocked. Shocked! [via Daily Mail] 2. David Carradine‘s widow is suing the company responsible for the film he was working on when he was found dead of asphyxiation. [via BBC] 3. Steady Bloggin’ has compiled your new favorite mixtape: Nas’ 20 greatest verses, all smushed together. [via Sound of the City] 4. McDonald’s is recalling 12 million Shrek-themed drinking glasses. Apparently, they’re even more toxic than fast food. [via Chicago Breaking News Center] 5. Rush Limbaugh is getting married tomorrow. Gawker is planning to fly a mean banner over his house during the celebration. Help them decide what it should say.

Bonus link: Tao Lin has something to say about Marina Abramović.