Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Olivia Munn


Last night, The Daily Show welcomed a new member to its comedic reporting team — at least for the time being. Who is this Olivia Munn? Non-geeks are probably unfamiliar with G4’s Attack of the Show co-host, so we’ve taken the liberty of attempting to answer this question by creating a ten-part dossier of videos and interviews that will help you attain the coveted/creepy position of “Olivia Munn expert” at your next party. Enjoy!

1. Olivia made her Daily Show debut as “Senior Asian Correspondent” last night. It’s a good first-time effort, but she seems a little camera shy, which is surprising given her previous experience. Here’s the video:

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2. Olivia has been the co-host of Attack of the Show! on the G4 network since 2006. Here she is having her boob grabbed by a robotic arm held by her co-host, Kevin Pereira:

And here she is having a balloon popped on her behind by, yet again, her co-host, Kevin Pereira.

And here she is deep-throating a hot-dog while “riding” Attack of the Show! co-host, Kevin Pereira.

We’ve never seen a full episode of Attack of the Show!, but it seems like it’s just about Olivia Munn acting out nerds’ wet dreams? In any case, moving on.

3. Olivia plays a convincing sorority girl. Munn started her acting career in 2004 in a straight-to-DVD horror film entitled Scarecrow Gone Wild . Here’s a sample…

She also was a cast member on the ABC Family show, Greek, which may or may not have a coexisting storyline with one of our favorite shows, Party Down.

4. Olivia lives out your Robert Downey Jr.-related dreams. Apparently while on the set for Iron Man 2 , Robert Downey Jr. was so impressed with her improvisational skills as reporter Chess Roberts that he led a round of applause for her.

5. Olivia is definitely funny. Last year, she hosted the launch of Microsoft search engine, Bing, on Hulu with Jason Sudeikis. Here are some funny promotional videos they made for the event:

6. Olivia is about to be very busy. Along with being the new “Senior Asian Correspondent” on The Daily Show, she’s slated to star in NBC’s Perfect Couples, which the network describes as a show about “the misadventures of three engaging couples as they struggle to find out what makes the ideal relationship — and how to maintain it through humorous trial and error.”

7. Olivia has modeled for Nike, Pepsi, and Neutrogena. She’s also been featured on the cover of several men’s magazines, including Playboy. Note: She refused to pose naked.

8. Olivia loves animals. Especially sad circus elephants. That’s why she’s a PETA spokesperson.

9. Olivia is a huge George Lopez fan. She even submitted an audition tape to be one of his back-up dancers.

10. Olivia is self aware about the whole “boobs” thing. She also considers Carson Daly a geek, which is a good thing for him.

Bonus: Here’s a tribute made to “The Hottest Nerd Ever.”