Win Tickets to a Sneak Peek of Electronic Act Justice’s New Documentary


French electronic dance duo JUSTICE is one of those bands who are better when you see them live — if for no other reason than you don’t feel as self conscious when you’re dancing in the safety of a group of people in a club.

This Grammy-nominated pair is releasing a documentary on November 24th that’s cheekily titled A CROSS THE UNIVERSE — imagine a hipster version of THE LAST WALTZ — that will include recordings of their live sets along with show footage and behind-the-scene hijinks from their US tour last spring. From the trailer we’re guessing there will be lots of nudity, little mustaches and funny frog out of water moments. And a headbanging soundtrack, of course.

If you live in New York and want to check it out, send an email to with the name of your favorite French film for your chance to win a pair of tickets to an exclusive screening on Thursday night at 7 p.m. at IFC Center.

Good luck!