Pride Playlists: Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart


June means many things to many people — the end of school, the beginning of spring, Father’s Day. Here at Flavorpill, we’re also celebrating LGBT Pride Month. It’s an intense moment for queer rights, from the frustratingly slow progress our federal government has made on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to the two-steps-forward-three-steps-back fight for same-sex marriage. And tough times call for great music. That’s why we’ve asked several of our favorite LGBT musicians to put together non-traditional pride playlists to soundtrack this year’s festivities. You know, so we don’t have to endure hour after hour of “I’m Coming Out.”

Our first mix comes from Jamie Stewart, the mastermind behind Xiu Xiu. Earlier this year, the band put out

, a deceptively catchy full-length that incorporates lo-fi electronics and dark, dramatic vocals. It’s already on the fast track to becoming one of our favorite releases of 2010. Stewart’s playlist is fittingly eclectic, including everything from French chanteuses and Dutch darkwave to Iranian pop and (of course) Morrissey.

1. Clan of Xymox — “No Words” ytaudio(WRVV-spTkoU)

2. Brigitte Fontaine — “Tanka II” ytaudio(q095aewoEzA)

3. Nico — “Afraid” (live version) ytaudio(iG2JNv5r6yE)

4. Nina Simone — “Just Say I Love Him”

5. The Cure — “In Between Days” ytaudio(ZgMa_OGHXOo)

6. Howlin’ Wolf — “Back Door Man” ytaudio(lyAa4Xp3sTg)

7. Francoise Hardy — “Viens La” ytaudio(j7vX3s9Kd3I)

8. Marjan — “Kavir Del” ytaudio(1t-Ptbg6cNM)

9. Morrissey — “It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore” ytaudio(qMSjIBl6e9Q)

10. Hildegarde von Bingen — “Benidictus Es Domino” (performed by Pia Skibdahl) ytaudio(gs6lSlYOBRs)