Retro Recommendations: Here We Go Magic’s Pigeons


Welcome back to Retro Recommendations. This week’s guest contributor is Josh Madell, co-founder of New York City’s Other Music, and he’s got a set of listening suggestions for you based on the new Here We Go Magic release,

. “The second full-length from Luke Temple’s Here We Go Magic is the first that he has recorded with his five-piece touring band (the debut was home-recorded and multi-tracked all by his lonesome),” explains Madell. “As such, it’s not surprising that there is more immediacy, energy and groove on Pigeons, and these proggy, psychedelic indie-pop songs float by buoyed not just by Temple’s hooky, bell-clear vocal melodies, but also great ensemble playing.”

The Sea and Cake –

“The Chicago quartet’s sophomore album may be their best, a finely-detailed pop dreamscape spun from jazz, Krautrock and blue-eyed soul.”

Can –

“It’s impossible to pick just one album from this essential German collective, but ’70s Tago Mago is simply a stunner, with some of the most intuitive, understated ensemble playing you will ever hear, and a polyglot pop aesthetic that is entrancing.”

Talking Heads –

“Talking Heads’ fourth full-length, from 1980, officially turned its back on their CBGB origins for a deeper, more trippy exploration of world music, with African and Brazilian influences percolating up through the NYC grooves.”

The Alan Parsons Project –

“Smooth, poppy, jazz-influenced progressive rock, the subtle, shifting rhythms and lush vocal harmonies that defined this FM radio super-smash have tricked deeper into the indie (so-called) underground than most of us would ever admit. Listening with fresh ears, you might be surprised at how good this sounds!”