Daily Dose Pick: Lun*na Menoh


Drawing on clothing design as inspiration, Japanese-born artist Lun*na Menoh’s playful creations subtly reveal sobering themes of alienation, loss, and decay.

Whether working with re-imagined dress forms or painting the soiled collars of headless icons, the Los Angeles-based artist’s genre-bending approach merges popular culture with fine art — challenging the variable boundary between the two through an innovative blend of sculpture, fashion, music, and visual art.

Menoh’s comprehensive body of work includes a standing gig with Japanese art-rock band Seksu Roba, a piece in the Victoria & Albert Museum‘s permanent collection, exhibits at Laguna Art Museum and the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and a 2006 retrospective at Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles.

Her ongoing A Ring Around the Collar project continues to reflect the artist’s own interest in high-fashion aesthetics, while paving the way for a new type of creative discipline: portraits-by-absence. Menoh returns to Track 16 with her latest series of “non-portraits,” A Ring Around the Collar, Musicians, featuring headless musical legends such as James Brown, David Bowie, and Jarvis Cocker.

Visit Lun*na Menoh’s official site, stop by her online store, check out her current exhibit in LA, peruse the Seksu Roba website, and take in the Seksuvision video blog and podcast.

Family Portrait by Lun*na Menoh

When You Walk In the Room by Lun*na Menoh

Spring summer collection 1770-1998 by Lun*na Menoh, 1998 (Photo: Relah Eckstein)

Spring summer collection 1770-1998 with models by Lun*na Menoh, 1998 (Photo: Steaven Nilsson and Jennifer Cheung)

Sigmund Freud by Lun*na Menoh

Beatles by Lun*na Menoh

Hendrix by Lun*na Menoh

Jarvis Cocker by Lun*na Menoh

Spring Summer Collection 1770-1998 by Lun*na Menoh