Why We’re Excited for AMC’s New Series Rubicon


At this point, AMC has a solid track record when it comes to original programming. While Mad Men and Breaking Bad couldn’t be more different story-wise, both series have an edge that has played well to critics, as well as viewers, and allowed them to escape the stigma of cable network fluff. The network’s latest addition, Rubicon, looks just as dark as its predecessors. A thriller that follows “an analyst at a New York City think-tank whose work leads him to uncover a hidden clue that points to an unfolding global conspiracy,” it stars James Badge Dale and Lili Taylor. The promo trailer is beautifully shot, and builds the suspense quite nicely. In fact, we can already picture the future water cooler conversations we’ll be having about “the pattern.”

Rubicon premieres on August 8th at 10:00pm.