The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. The New York Times’ latest standards editor Phil Corbett banned writers from using the word “tweet.” Or did he? [via The Awl] 2. Watch the low budget trailer for Glenn Beck‘s upcoming thriller The Overton Window, a book about a who young man who “finds himself in the midst of a massive fight to protect the country he loves from nefarious forces that threaten to corrupt it.” [via EW] 3. The creators of The Jersey Shore are on the hunt for “12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin’ it country and want to party their asses off” to star in a new reality show called Party Down South. [via TMZ] 4. Yesterday Apple‘s iPad suffered from an iLeak, and 114,000 user accounts — some belonging to very important people! — were affected. [via Gawker] 5. So, how did The Strokes‘ first live gig since October 2006 go last night? [via NME]

Quote of the day: “Somebody could write a whole monograph on how deliberately and artfully [David Foster Wallace] deploys the modifier ‘sort of.'” – Jonathan Franzen