The 10 Best Quotes from the Work of Art Premiere


Bravo’s Work of Art is shaping up to be everything we had hoped. Don’t worry: We weren’t expecting great art on ridiculous deadlines, and we have an innate suspicion of any “artist” who would submit to such strange scrutiny. No, friends, we’re in it for the precious personalities and outrageous statements. (Also, we genuinely like Miles, the OCD screen printer who makes to-do lists in the bath tub and thinks he is too good to be on this show.) Last night, we saw a young woman fret over the difficulty of portraying an older woman, a map of interconnected dots that was supposed to be a portrait, and a painting of a Juggalo created by Work of Art‘s very own outsider artist. The episode’s ten most wonderful quotes, presented without comment, are after the jump.

1. “Although I am broke most of the time, I live to create and I create to live.” — Ryan

2. “I’m not just a ditzy, blonde, Christian Barbie wannabe. I’m an artist!” — Jamie Lynn

3. “I’m in a warehouse studio, and I share it with 30 cockroaches and a black widow spider.” — John

4. “I know in the first split second whether it’s a great work or not.” — Simon de Pury (judge)

5. “It was these pussy pieces that put me on the map.” — Judith

6. “I’m really into lilies right now. And hermaphrodites.” — Peregrine

7. “Be brave, be competitive, be yourself!” — Sarah Jessica Parker

8. “You look completely euphoric, as if we’re watching you drown.” — Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn (judge)

9. “I’m not responsible for your experience of my work.” — Nao

10. “I like clowns.” — Erik