The 10 Best Video Game-Inspired Viral Videos


There tends to be quite a bit of overlap between the video gamers and internet media fans. And that’s why we’re living in a golden age of video game-themed viral clips, with new additions to this genre constantly surfacing. To commemorate the latest meme (and one of the greatest) of this geek canon, Stop Motion Sticky Note Mario, we have collected the ten best video game-inspired viral videos. If we forgot your favorite, make sure to tell us in the comments.

10. Mario and Luigi Jr.

9. Mortal Kombat Parody

8. Super Mario Kart Parody

7. Stop Motion Pong

6. Post-It Donkey Kong

5. Stop Motion Sticky Note Mario

4. Roomba Pac Man

3. NES Stop Motion

2. Stop Motion Tetris (The one that started it all…)

1. Pixels