What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds in our office


We watched Letterman eat some humble pie that tasted a lot like Bill Hicks. We were morbidly fascinated by the Blog of Death. We tried to help Edificial answer their NYC’s Worst Building question — and then we remembered that Eva and Ian know a lot more about architecture than we do. We miss their posts. We thought about whose face we’d like to sneak onto an M&M. We played some YouTube Street Fighter. We laughed at sexola/coy Mickey Rourke. We watched the Beatles last concert and tried to channel this kid’s insane high. We went spelunking inside Kanye West’s head and got scared. We geeked out over some designer tricks courtesy of our friend William Bostwick. We were scared be the Alien 3 we didn’t see. And finally, we decided we wanted to start collecting some work from emerging photographers thanks to this new book.