Wanna Be an MTV Twitter Jockey?


According to the AP, MTV is looking to bring on its first TJ. As in Twitter Jockey. They’re calling the move part of the “natural evolution of how we connect with our audience.” We’re assuming it’s part of their recent obsession with all things Millennial.

The network has identified 18 potential candidates and is asking its audience to find two more. The 20 hopefuls will compete in a series of online challenges this summer designed to reveal their personalities and demonstrate how they connect with Twitter followers.

The winning TJ will be expected to engage with the MTV audience, act as a liaison between viewers and network honchos, report on MTV events, and make the occasional on-air appearance. And they’ll be making $100,000 a year for their 140-word missives. Yep. If you want to throw your hat in the ring, or know someone who would be perfect for the position, nominate now by “Liking” ZYNC from American Express.

Do you think Jesse Camp — who was the winner of the first Wanna Be a VJ contest — stands a chance?