Daily Dose Pick: Rodney Graham


One-man interdisciplinary mash-up Rodney Graham tackles photography, filmmaking, acting, and music as elements of his artistic practice.

The Vancouver-based artist has shown all over the world, in galleries from Chicago to Mexico City, and in blockbuster exhibitions at MOCA and the Whitney Biennial. He’s also known for the occasional intimate club performance. But it’s not just genres Graham splices together; a master of lush production values, he’s capable of communicating compelling, comedic, and politically salient messages with a single charismatic gesture.

Check out Graham’s current exhibition at NYC’s 303 gallery, learn about a film-based retrospective at the MACBA Barcelona, and keep up with the artist at his brand-new Facebook page.

Click through below for images and video of the artist’s work.

Three Musicians


Paradoxical Western Scene

The Rodney Graham Band

Rodney Graham