Rate-a-Trailer: Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere


The trailer for Sofia Coppola’s first film since 2006’s polarizing Marie Antoinette begins with the neon sign for the Chateau Marmonth — you know, that place Courtney Love is always name-dropping. We meet Stephen Dorff, whose main activities seem to comprise checking out women, looking bored, and checking out women (two of them, dressed like candy stripers in sky-high heels and pole dancing). But when his young daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning) is sent to live with him, he seems to spring out of his ennui. From there, it’s all Guitar Hero and underwater tea parties. Since the clip is practically wordless, we’re not sure what the substance of the movie will be, plot-wise, yet. The visuals are gorgeous, though, and we’re happy to see Dorff make a comeback. (Remember S.F.W.?) Plus, Phoenix are soundtracking the film! What do you think about this first glimpse of Somewhere?