10 Foods Forever Ruined by Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” Video


Looks like Katy Perry’s finally taken enough time off from calling Lady Gaga blasphemous to release a strange, big-budget, innuendo-packed video of her own. The clip from “California Gurls” finds Perry and guest Snoop Dogg in Candyfornia. And you know what that means: the kind of diabetes-inducing cheesecake shots that could only come from one of Snoop’s stoned fantasies. Watch the video after the jump and meet the 10 delicious desserts it completely ruined for us.

Ice cream

Lolita alert.

Bubble gum

Claustrophobia or nightmares about getting gum stuck in our hair? Your choice.

Penny candy

No, there’s nothing phallic about Perry riding giant candy-stick snakes. Nothing phallic at all.

Cotton candy



Hair in Jell-O? Barf.

Gingerbread men

Tighty whiteys? Really? This one ruined Girl Scout cookies, too.


In case you weren’t ready to believe the cupcake fad had jumped the shark.

Button candy

Why, yes. That is Snoop grabbing Katy Perry’s boob while she dances in a dress designed to look like button candy. There goes our childhood.

Gummy bears

Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, Snoop leads an army of gummy bears.

Whipped cream

Never mind. Whipped cream was never innocent.