Create Your Own Damien Hirst Diamond-Encrusted Skull


Our friends over at Refinery29 tipped us off to iArtist London, a “company” that believes that “art should be for everyone,” and as a result, provides (relatively) easy-to-use looking kits for creating your own versions of famous works by contemporary British artists like Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, Rachel Whiteread, Marc Quinn, and Banksy. (Update: It’s actually the final degree project of Naroa Lizar Redrado, a recent graduate of the University for the Creative Arts in Kent.) Click through to view the goods.

Recreate Damien Hirst’s Love of God for £49.99. Kit includes a plastic human-size skull, 8,601 crystal beads, glue, paintbrush, tweezers, and silver paint.

Recreate Rachel Whiteread’s Pink Torso for £5. Kit includes a hot water bottle (2 liter) and alginate.

Recreate Marc Quinn’s Self (1991) for £20. Kit includes VC blood bag, alginate, plaster bandages, cotton, face cream, disposable gloves, silicon swimming hat, and a band-aid.

Recreate Tracy Emin’s Everyone I have Ever slept with 1963-1995 for £16. Kit includes camping tent for 2 people, sewing kit, colorful threads, and assorted fabrics.

Recreate Banksy’s graffiti for £10. Kit includes spray paint and stencils.