The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Headlines


1. Last night the crowd went so crazy at a free Drake/Hanson concert at New York’s South Street Seaport that cops had to shut it down. [via Brooklyn Vegan] 2. It looks like killing our childhood obsession with The Karate Kid once wasn’t good enough. Thanks to a better than expected box office, there’s already a sequel in the works. [via Deadline] 3. So this sucks: Twihards might be denied the pleasure of watching Bella’s unborn vampire hybrid human baby break her ribs and suck the life out of her in childbirth. [via Jezebel] 4. You can now pre-order the Jack White/Conan O’Brien live LP. [via PopCandy] 5. The Walkmen will release a new album, Lisbon, on September 14. Says Hamilton Leithauser: “The instrumentation is very simple, and then there’s a very loud vocal and a softish drum. There is a slapback guitar on everything.” [via Pitchfork]

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