Rate-a-Trailer: Never Let Me Go


Fans of Kazuo Ishiguro’s twisted sci-fi novel

, have been worried that Mark Romanek’s film adaptation wouldn’t do the work justice. Judging by this dark, melancholy trailer, it could be Oscar bait, if he doesn’t muck things up, and critics enjoy being seriously depressed.

Carey Mulligan plays the role of Kathy H., the book’s narrator, and an alumna of Hailsham, an elite school in the English countryside for special children. (Just exactly what “special” means isn’t made clear in the trailer, but it involves keeping themselves healthy, making three “donations,” and then dying.) Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley play former students as well, and the trio has a bit of a high stakes love triangle thing going on. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

Never Let Me Go opens in limited release on October 1, 2010.