Pic of the Day: The Prettiest Atrium in NYC


We’ll never tire of photos of abandoned places, and we hope you don’t either. This latest set comes to us courtesy of Scouting NY, the blog of a a film location scout in New York City, and boy is it a doozy. Here’s what you need to know: 5 Beekman Street, the earliest surviving “fireproof” office building of the pre-skyscraper period, was built back in 1882, but it hasn’t had any tenants for the past decade, with much of the interior — including the most beautiful atrium we’ve ever laid eyes on — boarded up since 1940. Now it’s going to be restored and converted into a hotel, tentatively named The Beekman Palace. Chuck Bass, if you’re reading (and not, you know, dead), we suggest you ditch those dreams of recapturing the Empire, and move on to much greener pastures.

Click here to view the full set on Flickr.