Everything You Need to Know About Next Fall’s New TV in 150 Words


A list of the TV pilots ordered for fall arrived this week. Amidst the token lawyer shows (David Kelley delivers Legally Mad), crime shows (NCIS: LL Cool J), and spinoffs (Gossip Girl is colonizing with Lily), there’s some promise. Loosely based off the film, Eastwick is a “supernatural tale” of three witches in a small town. True Blood‘s doing well with vampires, let’s try witches. From the creators of My So-Called Life comes A Marriage, the “anatomy of a marriage.” Without a title yet, Mitch Hurwitz of Arrested Development deploys a “dysfunctional family comedy” starring Jason Biggs. Boldly Going Nowhere chronicles the daily life of a spaceship crew, from the people who brought the always funny It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sadly, making their debut and return, respectively, are Ab Fab, British classic, and Melrose Place, American garbage. Let’s just hope that the Untitled Foxworthy Project becomes the Unproduced Foxworthy Project.