Who Is Buying the Lady Gaga Blow-Up Doll?


If you’re trying to drum up some publicity for your sex-toy company, you could do worse than releasing a Lady Gaga blow-up doll. And that’s exactly what the folks at Pipedream Products have done. We’ll let them tell us about it: “Meet the deep-throat drag queen who’ll suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say Just Dance! This dirty lil’ diva wants to take a ride on your disco stick, has all the right moves and loves it when you poke-her face!” Of course, they’re getting major media mileage out of it, but we have to wonder: Considering that Gaga’s fans are generally kids, women, and gay men, who is actually buying this thing? We contacted Pipedreams to find out.

The press release provides a clue:

“Our Super Star Series is the best selling line of blow up dolls in the industry,” says Nick Orlandino, COO of Pipedream Products. “We’ve found that more and more people who have no intention of using them for sex are buying these types of items as gag gifts or collectables. Lady Gag Gag, like all the dolls in our Super Star Series, is the perfect item for retailers to stock up on and beef up your sales this summer.”

Still, we were curious to hear more about Pipedreams’ rationale, so we emailed their Marketing Manager, Kevin Johnson. Here’s what he has to say:

The Lady Gag Gag love doll will appeal mostly to her fans, who consist in large part of women and gay men. I’m a gay man and a ton of my gay friends absolutely love her. I do think that the Lady Gag Gag Love Doll will transcend that core audience and will be a favorite for haters or people who just have a good sense of humor in general.

Well, that approach sure explains the Tori Spelling doll. Guess we can expect to see these at June’s hottest gay pride parties…