Track Title Showdown: Same Name, Different Song


When we heard, earlier this week, that the long-awaited Jay-Z/Dr. Dre collaboration was called “Under Pressure,” we thought, “Could it be?” But then we listened to it. It wasn’t so great, and it certainly wasn’t a cover of David Bowie and Queen’s legendary collaboration. And that made us extra disappointed. It also got us thinking about how many songs have faked us out this way in the past. After the jump, we compile ten “same name, different song” situations to determine which one wins the right to be the definitive track with a given title. Use the comments to weigh in and add to our list.

Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” vs. Garbage’s “Push It”

Who wins? We were super into Garbage’s Beach Boys-sampling “Push It” when it came out. But these days, it’s sounding pretty 1998 to us. But Salt-n-Pepa’s widely sampled single just gets better every time a DJ spins it.

Heaven 17 “Temptation” vs. New Order “Temptation”

Who wins? A new wave showdown! Even though New Order is wearing some pretty ridiculous clothing in the video above, we have to give it to them. Heaven 17’s “Temptation” makes a bigger fuss, but New Order packs so many thrilling changes of tone into one song that their “Temptation” is just about impossible to beat.

MC5’s “Teen Age Lust” vs. Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Teenage Lust” vs. Times New Viking’s “Teenage Lust!”

Who wins? Considering that these are all incredible songs, it’s tough to pick. MC5’s punchy, garage-rock “Teen Age Lust” and Jesus and Mary Chain’s slithery, sensual, slightly creepy “Teenage Lust” are both classics. But for us, Times New Viking’s “Teenage Lust!” (which references the above tracks) is the ultimate journey into 20-something angst. It kind of strikes a chord, okay?

Liz Phair’s “Girls! Girls! Girls” vs. Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” vs. Mötley Crüe’s “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Who wins? Not to interrupt your frat party or anything, but… Liz Phair deadpanning “I take full advantage of every man I meet” just wins.

The Beach Boys’ “California Girls” vs. The Magnetic Fields’ “California Girls” vs. Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”

Who wins? Well, we know who doesn’t win. (Sorry, Katy.) But we simply can’t choose between The Beach Boys’ anthem and The Magnetic Fields’ biting anti-anthem.

The Rolling Stones’ “Shine a Light” vs. Spiritualized’s “Shine a Light” vs. Wolf Parade’s “Shine a Light”

Who wins? It takes major cojones to give your song the same name as a cut from Exile on Main Street. We’re particularly partial to Spiritualized’s muffled, fuzzed-out, post-shoegaze epic, but we still have to go with the Stones.

The Beatles’ “Come Together” vs. Primal Scream’s “Come Together” vs. Spiritualized’s “Come Together”

Who wins? Not to disrespect the universe’s favorite band of all time, but “Come Together” has always struck us as a Beatles catalog oddity. They never really wrote bad songs, but theirs isn’t at the top of our list. We like both the Primal Scream and the Spiritualized versions better. The decision probably comes down to whether you’ve got uppers or downers on your party agenda.

Prince’s “Girls & Boys” vs. Blur’s “Girls & Boys”

Who wins? We have nothing but love for Prince, but “Girls & Boys” was not his finest moment. Besides, Blur’s nothing sets a dance floor on fire like Blur’s “Girls & Boys.”

Gossip’s “Fire with Fire” vs. Scissor Sisters’ “Fire with Fire”

Who wins? Two queer icons release songs with the same name, within only a few years of each other. The Scissor Sisters track is pleasant and fun, but Gossip’s “Fire with Fire” is a total barn burner. Beth Ditto FTW!

Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” vs. Girls’ “Lust for Life” vs. Drake’s “Lust for Life”

Who wins? Drake may be the man of the hour, and we were playing Girls’ “Lust for Life” on repeat for months after it came out. But only Iggy Pop can write a song about kicking heroin that can double as the soundtrack to a Carnival cruise commercial.