© Mous Lamrabat

Gallery: 'A Glitch In the System'


One of the most elemental but essential functions of photography is to cast things in a new light - to help us see people, places, and things in unexpected ways. This is the explicit purpose of "A Glitch in the System, deconstructing stereotypes," a new exhibition in the Photo Vogue Festival, which collects and presents the works of thirty photographers. These photos present, per the press release, "new ways of looking at gender fluidity, at the diverse wealth of body types and appearances and at the endless forms of beauty, of ethnic backgrounds and origin," which "are changing contemporary aesthetic standards and beginning to alter cultural and identity codes in terms of openness, dialogue and encounter."

The exhibition is on display through November 17 at the Photo Vogue Festival in Milan, but if you won't be in Italy over the weekend, don't worry; we've plucked out a few of our favorites below.

'Prom Boy,' Caleb Stein

© Caleb Stein

'La Femme A La Papaye,' Namsa Leuba

© Namsa Leuba

'Shoulder (Drown in my magic),' David Uzochukwu

© David Uzochukwu

'Opulence,' Dustin Thierry

© Dustin Thierry

'Portrait in the Kitchen,' Mariya Kozhanova

© Mariya Kozhanova

'Sanamacha and Menka,' Prarthna Singh

© Prarthna Singh

'A Glitch in the World,' David PD Hyde

Untitled, Mous Lamrabat

© Mous Lamrabat

"A Glitch in the System" is on display through November 17 at the Photo Vogue Festival in Milan; more photos and information here.