Dano Brown / Gallery1988

Gallery: Dano Brown's Action Figures


Since the fortune reaped by George Lucas following the release of Star Wars, the official action figure has become a standby of any commercial-friendly blockbuster movie or television show, launching entire subsets of geekdom (and lucrative revenue streams for those with the discipline to keep them in the original packaging). But what if those toys weren't just the providence of the biggest IPs around? What if there were also action figures for slightly more... obscure offerings?

A few juicy possibilities are offered up by visual artist Dano Brown, whose pieces are the highlight of Gallery1988's current "Pop-Cuture Sculptures" show. We've picked out some of our favorites; you can check out the entire show, and even purchase the few remaining figures, here.

Dano Brown

See all of Brown's figures, and the rest of the "Pop-Culture Sculptures" exhibit, at Gallery1988 - located at 7308 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.