David Hemmings

Gallery: David Hemmings's Polar Bears


It's the holiday season and it's crazy cold, so how about warming your heart with some pictures of mama polar bears cuddling and nuzzling their cubs? They come to us (via Bored Panda) from Canadian photographer David Hemmings, who tells us, when quizzed of their origin, "Witnessing Polar Bear mothers with their weeks-old cubs in the wild and photographing them - could there be a better wildlife experience?"

We're not ones to argue. Hemmings's series features bears and cubs from Northern Manitoba, shortly after coming back into the world from hibernation, and their sweet and gorgeous and probably just what you need in this stressful week.

Check out more of Hemmings's work (or sign up for an adventure of your own) on his website, or follow him on Facebook.

David Hemmings

Check out more of David Hemmings's work on his website, or follow him on Facebook.