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Gallery: Dennis Stock's 'California Trip'


When the late photographer and photo essayist Dennis Stock headed out on the California highway in 1968, his black and white images captured the counterculture scene at its absolute zenith, between the Summer of Love and the summer of Woodstock (and Manson). The resulting book, California Trip, became one of the definitive photographic works of the era, but it’s become scarce in the years since; a used copy of the out-of-print volume would usually set you back a couple hundred bucks. Luckily, the Brooklyn-based indie publisher Anthology Editions has brought California Trip back into print for the first time since 1970, and affordably priced at that – it’s out this week, and you can preorder it here, but here’s a taste to tide you over.

Mars Station, Goldstone

© Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos

Brucemas Day, Venice

© Dennis Stock/Magnum Photos