Pak Han

Gallery: 'Everyday Train Life' by Pak Han


Pak Han is a street photographer in the truest sense of the phrase: he photographs daily urban life, capturing unguarded and unposed moments of people going about their business (or pleasure). "I’ve been taking street photos in Japan, mostly in Tokyo, during several visits since 2009," he tells Flavorwire. "The majority of my photo taking time was spent out on the streets, and I took the train photos while getting around the city. All of my street photos, including the 'Everyday Train Life' series, were interesting moments I encountered and was able to document."

Shot in glorious black and white, these candid (yet beautifully composed) photos capture the young and old out and about, working and relaxing, each telling its own little short story about the life outside the frame. We're pleased to present this selection of images from the "Everyday Train Life" series; you can see it, in its entirety, on Han's website, and follow him on Instagram for more of his work.