Christian Vizl

Stunning Images of Undersea Worlds


When we think of underwater photography, those thoughts are usually in vivid color, capturing the deep blues of the waters and the bright saturation of aquatic creatures. That's part of why Christian Vizl's photography, captured in the new book Silent Kingdom, is such a revelation: he shoots the world beneath the water in stark yet shining blaack and white, emphasizing the light, dark, and shadow of the deep blue sea, and capturing the shape and presence of the creatures who live there. Here are a few of the astonishing images from this beautiful book; you can see more on Vizl's website, Instagram, or Facebook - or in Silent Kingdom, which first came to our attention via My Modern Met, and is available now from Mandala Publishing.

Silent Kingdom is available now from Mandala Publishing; you can see more of Christian Vizl's work on his website, Instagram, or Facebook.