Chevy Chase Is Leaving ‘Community’


We already know that the 13-episode, fourth season of Community will be without show creator Dan Harmon, and according to Deadline, Chevy Chase is also leaving the beloved comedy series — immediately. We probably don’t have to remind you of the ugly feud between Harmon and the comedic actor, which resulted in Chase storming off the set and suffering the embarrassment of a leaked, raging voicemail. The two seemed to patch things up briefly, and Deadline indicates the exit is amicable, but we’re not surprised to see Pierce leave — especially since Chase called the show “a big mistake” in an interview this fall. Chase won’t appear in 1-2 episodes that haven’t been shot yet, but the bulk of the season order will feature the arrogant Greendale-ite. We don’t see Community moving on past a fourth go-round, but if it does, his presence may be missed. Leave your fond farewells to Pierce, below. Community airs on February 7, 2013.